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3 Best Java Frameworks for Modern Web Developers in 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A framework happens to be an intricate environment for software development and includes arrays of sub-components that assists in the development of the mobile app. These sub-components include Compilers, tool sets, debuggers, a programming interface for the applications as well as the various code libraries.

To assist you in selecting the most suitable Java Frameworks, paragraphs underneath shall discuss the top options that will be worthy to consider.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

1. Adobe PhoneGap

Developed by Abode, PhoneGap is among the most popular Java frameworks for creating Hybrid applications, using Javascript, CSS, as well as HTML.  This framework features the capacity to ensure optimum performance on various devices that allow the users to deliver the app to the targeted audience, without the need to consider any restriction for hardware limits.

Developers can develop an app for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Firefox, Mac Operating system, as well as for the Windows Phone.  Due to its extreme flexibility, this Java Spring framework is a wonderful option for the app developers. This infrastructure supports various tools for debugging the Windows Phone.

This one of the best java frameworks includes a blended feature that allows developers to work as a team on a single assignment. The mentioned feature further assists the developers in granting access to the app development project to a group of individuals. In other words, as the development team can restrict the access to the development environment, it enables them to ensure that safety and security of the app during the development phase as well as retain the confidentiality of the unique features before the app is launched in the market.

One of the worthiest tools for this Java Microservices framework is the Hydration that reduces the time lag in compiling the application as well as facilitating the process to update it. Once the developer uploads the app with a new version, users will be getting notifications and if they opt to test the latest version, it will fetch and run the code automatically.

2. Iconic

It is among the most highly sought-after Java web application framework, available in the contemporary times. With the assistance of this framework, developers can develop quality progressive and native applications. This framework will be the ideal choice when you require developing a high-functional application. The framework has been developed to facilitate smooth functionality on the cutting-edge mobile devices, available in the market.

These Java web frameworks extend the developers a chance to download projects and templates, developed by other developers. Taking the assistance of the Command line function of this framework, developers are able to develop, emulate as well as run the application. The Lab facility enables the developers to test the applications on the Android and iOS alike.

3. Ext JS

Based on Javascript and HTML 5, this java collection framework features high flexibility and hence, facilitate the development of simpler and intricate mobile apps. This framework extends the users the UI Widgets that feature high functionality. The list of the Widgets includes options like Forms, Lists, toolbars, and menu. The components are developed based on the prime requirement for the mobile app. Utilizing the given resources, you can develop exquisite apps for Android, iOS as well as for phone and windows.

EXT JS extends smooth animation and high performance that responses to the user’s actions immediately with extensive pixel precision. The framework functions smoothly with other APIs. Hence, developers can combine various APIS for achieving the desired results. This is the perfect choice in the instances you require developing the app within the shortest time span.

The framework offers a plethora of tools for testing the application and observe its functionality. It facilitates in conducting cross-browser as well as the cross-platform testing.

This popular framework can be utilized for creating applications of cross-mobile-platform types. The framework includes arrays of plugins that decreases the time needed for the development of the application. Using this framework, it is possible to develop those applications that will put on an optimum performance on all sorts of devices on which the app is used.

The Themeroller is the most important feature of this application and it enables the developers to develop to conceive a unique design for their apps. It offers various documents that enable the users to communicate with this highly flexible framework. Users experience no troubles in using this framework if they have exposure on the syntax of Javascript. This framework is supported by the Ajax navigation mechanism and assists in assuring smooth page animation, without the threats to get into error.  This is a module-based app development Java framework that enables the developers to create as many customized developments as they want.

How to choose the most suitable framework?

You have got arrays of options like the Java  UI framework, Java plays framework as well as several other options to opt for. Hence, the task of making the right selection is not going to be a simple task as it apparently seems like.  Here is your guide  that will enable you to make the perfect selection:

  • Opt for the framework that suits with the target platform
  • Make the selection, depending on the type of the app that you will require developing. For instance, if you require developing native apps, opt for those frameworks that emphasize on similar development. The same guide applies to the needs that revolve around the development of the Hybrid app.
  • Opt for the framework, considering the features and functions that you wish to incorporate in your app.
  • Consider the plug-ins that you require to have.
  • Consider the style of the interaction of the app with the users as well with other websites and apps.

Once you come up with logical and factual answers to these questions, you get to the position for selecting the most suitable framework for app development. However, you need to keep in mind that these frameworks keep evolving and with each upgrade, news features are added to the existing standards eliminates the hassles, associated with app development. Hence, you need to be conversant about the latest evolution to make the perfect selection.


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