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3 Types of Interviewers When Applying for A Software Position




You’re one of the many dedicated software developers that have been selected for an interview. But what should you expect? As the role of a software developer has increased, so has the interview process.

Let’s look at the three main types of people you’ll meet and what they’d want to hear: The Technical Leader, Recruiter, and the Business Leader.

The Recruiter

Whether you’re meeting an agency recruiter, HR person, or an internal recruiter, this person wants to know if your experience and expectations match with that of the Business or Technical Leader. They will assess how you’ll fit with the team and watch for any red flags that are in your background.

The recruiter will assess you in the following areas:

  • Do you have the right software experience?
  • Are there red flags in your work history?
  • What’s your motivation for changing roles?

As the recruiter will be partnered with the Technical or Business Leader, their first question is how you’ll fit the job position/brief that they’ve been given.

They will assess you based on your experience, expectations, qualifications and their questions will reflect this. Here are the most common questions that they’ll ask:

  • Why did you change roles?
  • What motivates you?
  • What’s your salary expectations?
  • How would your last team/boss describe your work style?
  • Tell me more about your current position?

Business Leader

If you’re interviewing for a senior position, or in a small start-up environment, you’ll likely have an appointment with a Business Leader.

The business leader will assess you on:

  • Are you able to meet deadlines?
  • Can you help grow the business?
  • Your ability to help drive positive commercial outcomes.

This means that when meeting a business leader, the questions will be more targeted towards your behavior. Typical questions from business leaders include:

  • What work culture do you thrive in?
  • What do you need from us in order to be successful?
  • Tell me the last time you failed and what you’ve learned from it?
  • In researching this business, what would you do if you were the CEO?
  • What’s the hardest challenge you had to overcome?

The Technical Leader

The technical leader can be the CTO, CIO, Head of Software Development, etc. The Technical Leader will have a greater focus on your technical abilities for the role than other people involved with the interview process.

When you’re interviewing with a  technical leader, they’ reassessing you on:

  • How you test your code.
  • Do you have the ability to code correctly?
  • The quality of your coding documentation.

The technical leader gives you a combination of interview questions and tests (Pair Programming Test, Whiteboard Test, Online Programming Test, etc.) to see if you’re a correct fit for the job. To solve these questions, be honest about your skills and how the company can help you use your skills to help their IT team.


It doesn’t matter if you’re interviewing for a small company or one that’s recognized internationally, you still need to be prepared for it. By being prepared, you’ll have the opportunity to answer the questions correctly and prove you’re suitable for the position. Once accepted, you’ll be added to a team of dedicated software developers, ready to help you on any projects.  

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