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Best Cloud Call Center Software 2018



Best Cloud Call Center Software 2017

The cloud contact center software provides support to call centers pushing up the quality and down the cost of customer interaction.

Contrary to premise-based contact center software, the cloud contact center technology does not require you to make substantial investments in software and hardware and human resources to manage the duo.

The cloud call center software solutions are hosted online and can be accessed via an app installed on computer or mobile phone in the availability of internet connection.

These are cost-effective and subscription-based solutions quicker to deploy and maintained by the cloud providers. We have rounded up here the best cloud call center software to improve customer experiences and provide end-to-end technology solutions.

1. Service Cloud Software

Best Cloud Call Center Software 2017

The software supports mobility allowing agents to receive service requests, support customers and manage all active cases from anywhere.

Service Cloud is cloud-based contact center software that allows businesses to provide customer support services anytime and from anywhere. It centralizes and enhances CROs efforts allowing handling customer queries and resolving issues.

The communities’ tool offers self-service features letting the customers help themselves and others. It provides a Knowledge module where both the customers and agents find their answers.

2. FreshDesk Software

best cloud call-center software

The Scenario automation allows daily tasks to be completed with a single click. The features of the self-service portal, community forums, and knowledge base allow customers to know the status of their tickets and find solutions online.    

Freshdesk provides multi-platform support to customers letting them communicate on a centralized interface and helping CROs to resolve the cases.

Whether a service request is received on phone call, email, website live chat, or social media channels, the cloud software ensures delivery of the request to the concerned customer support agent. The software helps to manage multiple teams and streamline workflow.

It supports multiple products and brands and includes multi-language and multi-time zone competences. 

3. RingCentral Software

best cloud call-center software 2017

The software allows integration with customer relationship software including Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Sales Cloud, and Zendesk.

RingCentral contact center software solution offers automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, auto dialer, computer telephony integration and PBX.

The cloud software solution allows customers to resolve their issues themselves; ensures to match calls with appropriate customer agents; provides tools to track, measure and report agents’ performance.

4. PureCloud Software

cloud call center software

It also includes customer relationship management integration, multichannel routing, and custom reporting.

PureCloud is contact center solution intended for businesses to communicate with their customers across multiple communication platforms.

The software features include automatic call distribution, auto dialer, interactive voice response, CTI and PBX. It lets the user create interactive voice response flows, targeted campaigns, and boost agent efficiency.

5. Aspect Zipwire Software

cloud call center software

The software allows integration with CRM tools to track and record customer interactions in real-time. The web and mobile API allows integration with websites and mobile apps to enable customers to text or video chat with agents.

Aspect Zipwire provides cloud call center services to SMEs and hybrid call centers that function across multiple channels.

The inbound and outbound capabilities allow organizations to manage customer services, marketing, and sales. The skill-based routing ensures that the customers head towards the right agent.

It allows managing campaigns, create workflows and improve employee efficiency. The software provides tools to track call quality and issue-resolving time.

6. FluentStream Software

cloud call center software 2017

FluentStream is cloud-based and on-premise call center solution intended for the businesses of all type.

The features include call recording, telemarketing, interactive voice response, and reporting.

The auto-attendant feature provides with virtual call attendant to greet and direct calls to concerned individuals or groups as per request.

7. inContact Software

cloud call center software 2018

This one is SaaS software intended for call centers to maximize the quality and minimize the cost of customer interaction.

The software offers numerous features allowing contact centers to connect with their customers via multiple channels including calls, emails, chats, voicemails, social media and more.

The call routing features include Interactive Voice Response, Computer Telephony Integration, and Automatic Call Distributor.

8. Five9 Cloud Call Center

best cloud call-center software

The software allows integration with leading customer relationship management tools including Salesforce, NetSuite, and Oracle.

Five9 is cloud-based software intended for inbound, outbound, blended and Omni-channel contact centers.

It offers interactive voice response with speech recognition, automatic call distributor, predictive dialer, call recording, agent scripting and more.

9. ContactWorld Solution

cloud call center 2017

The software provides tools to record calls, transfer calls, put the call on hold and set up a conference call.

NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld is cloud contact center solution for businesses to have more successful customer interaction.

The software allows integration with Salesforce letting call center agents work in Salesforce interface.

It also enables incoming calls distribution to agents, providing scripts for call handling, tracking and measuring agent performance.

10. TheOneSpy Software

business management software

The software allows monitoring call center agents in real-time and listening to their calls and surroundings.

TheOneSpy is cloud business management software that helps contact centers to track and improve the quality of customer services.

The software allows tracking inbound and outbound voice calls, emails, IM chats and social media interactions between customers and agents.

11. Noble Enterprise Contact Center Solution

top cloud call center software 2017

It helps enterprises control customer interaction cost, manage blended voice and non-voice communications, strategy planning, resource and workforce management and more.

The software provides a unified suite of inbound, outbound, omnichannel and blended communications to SMEs.

The features include automatic call distribution, predictive dialing, IVR and call recording.


There are scores of cloud contact center software helping businesses to improve customer services and minimize their cost but we have picked out the most reliable and efficient ones. Hope you would found these call center CRM software valuable for your business.  

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