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8 Best OBD2 Apps For Your Car 2019 [REVIEW]



While the requirements of commuting from one place to the other are enhancing in a rapid way, the prerequisites of Onboard diagnostics or the best obd2 app for the cars are raising. Breakdown of your vehicle in the middle of the road is certainly one of the worst things that may waste your precious time.

So you’re looking for the best obd2 app for your vehicle and don’t know where to start. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

But before we get onto our review, there are some things you have to consider before getting your first OBD II app.

  • What model and year is my car?
  • Does my car have an OBD or an OBD II port that I can connect
  • Does my car have Bluetooth compatibility?
  • Do I have an Android or iPhone?

Asking these questions will help you determine which obd 2 app will work for you. And when you find one, it’s always a safe bet to try out the Lite version first. This will help you perform a litmus test to see if the app works with your vehicle. Once you’ve gotten used to the Lite version, and it works with your vehicle, then you can switch to the Pro version to fully utilize the app.

The Best OBD2 App in 2019:

1. Obdeleven


  • Automatic all analyzing and scanning
  • Multi-language database
  • Car battery analyzer
  • Information about the car
  • Diagnostic trouble codes from every control units that are placed in your car.

OBDeleven is the best app on the market because of its responsiveness and functionality. The OBDeleven communicates in Bluetooth to an Android phone. This allows you to do what most users will be able to do with a back comp system.

As a result, you can benefit from this app because you don’t need to stick your laptop in the car in order for it to work (who places their laptops in the car anyway?).

To use it, place the device near the OBD port of your car found in the driver’s seat. Download the app and create an account to sign up. Then, connect the app to the Bluetooth of the car. Once the device is connected, you’ll start to see diagnostics of the vehicle.  

And we’ll tell you the difference between both the Basic and PRO edition right here. If you have a non V11 and you want to check up on basic faults for your car. But, if you need an app that’s for live data and for manual coding, then you should get the PRO edition.

Another important thing to remember is that you can update to the PRO version once you’ve have gotten used to the Basic edition.

Some shoppers complained that while the app is inexpensive, they have to pay for its usage by watching ads or buying credits. However, that is not the case. Users can still use the OBDeleven’s app for convenience.

NoteYou can buy credits separately in both BASIC or PRO version. That means you do not get credits when you purchase PRO, they are not related. Credits let you activate cool features with one click apps. Credits can be purchased or you can watch Ads and get free credits every day (1 free credit for login and 5 free credits for watching Ads/day). 10 credits cost 1.5 EUR and 10 credits are enough to activate the main functions.

Basically, the OBDeleven is the best car diagnostic for people needing quick information about their car. It saves you time by giving you a detailed analysis of your vehicle faster than going to the mechanics. So if you’re looking for an obd2 app that’s worth your money, you should definitely look at this one!

2. Carista OBD2


  • Checks engine lights
  • Engine Overheating Alerts
  • Compatible with vehicles made after 2000
  • Gives advanced diagnostics such as the ABS, airbag, and navigation

Carista OBD2 is a pro scan tool that most car aficionados swear by. It allows you to diagnose your vehicle for existing faults and tests the car’s emission. It comes with an OBD II adapter that’s fitted in the car’s OBD II port. Once the Carista app is plugged in, it will tell you the if your car is struck and provide extra information about the vehicle.

For those who want an obd2 app that alerts them on their car’s performance, the Carista OBD2 is one of your best options. It allows you to control the temperature of your car and respond if it overheats. The app runs in the background and will send an alarm to alert you that the temperature is at an unsafe level.

Also, Carista OBD2 allows you to customize the way how your car behaves. For instance, the app can set the car’s headlights to automatically turn on when someone starts the engine, lock the doors when the car starts moving, or change the back parking sensor sounds. Because of this, you’ll be able to fully utilize your car and improve its lifespan.

Thus, this application is the best obd2 app for android. Not only does it help you customize your vehicle, but it gives you the information needed to make repairs or change its engine in an emergency. So try to get this app while you can!

3. Torque Pro


  • Shows Temperature transmissions
  • Helps in minimizing costs and repairing your car
  • Uses color schemes to show your car’s condition
  • GPS geo-tracking to help show your car’s location at a certain time

Third on our list is the Torque Pro. This app is one of the most popular apps in Android’s Play Store because of its reliability and overall functionality.

Consumers like this app because of its numerous detectors and features supported with it. It has enough plugins and widgets to help you monitor your car’s health effectively.

With the application’s widgets, you can customize the dashboard of your vehicle. And, the Torque OBD app has a GPS feature that logs with your car’s OBD engine to see how it’s acting at any given time. It then shows a CEL/DTC fault code scanner which can view your car and spot out any issues. When using Torque Pro, you’ll be able to spot out difficulties immediately.

The only issue that users have with this app is that is has a high battery consumption. To solve this, we suggest that you have your phone fully charged before running it. Doing this will allow you to utilize the device and have time to recharge it if the battery runs below 30%.

Still, the Torque Pro is a useful app if you’re trying to monitor the performance of your vehicle. All you have to do is plug it inside your car, and you’ll find out detailed information on how to keep it up and running.

4. Hobdrive


  • Graphical measures
  • Service and fueling records
  • Continuous Error tracking
  • KWP protocol diagnostics
  • Trip recording computer

Hobdrive is one of the most underrated apps in Google Play Store. The app acts as an OBD2 Diagnostic Software and a Trip Advisor. Because of this, users find it easier to drive for extended periods of time.

We like the app because it allows users to receive diagnostics on their total travel time. For example, Hobdrive shows the fuel level, fuel economy, intake air, total time traveled and other important specs about your car throughout the duration of your drive.

Some consumers found fault with the application because of its small design issues. They complained that they had to continue re-logging in their information each time they turned the app on. While this may be a minor inconvenience, just uninstall the app and reinstall it if it continues to give you this problem.

Basically, if you want the best obd2 android app 2019, then look no further. The Hobdrive gives users the MPG tracking errors tracking, and engine diagnostics to help the user get to their destination safely. So give this app a look if you want a handy tool with you on your long drives and road trips!

5. OBD Car Doctor Pro


  • GPS Supported
  • Chart drawing with realistic data
  • Vehicle Indicators; car speed, temperature, pressure, the angle of rotation, etc
  • Fuel Economy parameters
  • Allows to share and store DTC data

Fifth on the list is the OBD Car Doctor Pro. This application is known by customers because of its real-time statistics.

Once plugged in, the app can spot certain deficiencies and has custom configurations for non-standard protocols and parameters.

You’ll like this app because it has real sensors and monitors attached to it. You’ll be able to quickly find out the fuel economy, gas consumption, etc., just by logging on with your account and pressing a few buttons.

Thus, making this app a great choice for new drivers who want an accessory that’s usually suspended.

But, some consumers did not like that app’s tendency to disrupt the Wi-Fi connection. When turned on, some users will notice their Wi-Fi connection turning completely off and the app’s inability to read all the codes. If this happens, it’s best to get a new adapter or restart the app.

The OBD Car Doctor Pro is one of the best obd apps due to its utility, responsiveness, and the accuracy of its car diagnostics. So, get this app if you want to stay updated on your car’s performance so that you can treat certain issues effectively.

6. OBD Auto Doctor


  • Send diagnostic data via email
  • Choose between metric or imperial units
  • MIL, Freeze Frames, DTCs
  • OBD II Indicators help detect anomalies
  • Supports data of transmission, engine, etc

Next up is the OBD Auto Doctor. With this simple to use OBD-II Software, you can connect to your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic system and turn your mobile phone or computer to an automotive scanner.

The OBD Auto Doctor is a must-have tool for people that want to know their cars better.

Whether you want to reset the “check engine” light or monitor your data in real-time, this is the only piece of software you need.

For those that are interested in using this car diagnostics software, we suggest that you start with the Lite version first. If the free version of this device works, then you can opt for the pro version.

This version has more advanced features (real-time scanning, built-in DTC database, etc.) to help you fully understand what’s right or wrong with your vehicle. 

Some consumers found fault with the device’s low Bluetooth connection. If you do have any issues with the device, please check some of the following:

  • Is your car OBD II compatible?
  • Is your car’s key placed in the ON position?
  • Is your scan tool’s adapter compatible with the device?

Overall, When using this device, it will display information such as the speed, pressure, angle of rotation, temperature, as well as sensor data that are supported by your vehicle. So if you want to utilize your car’s OBD system easily, keep this device in mind!

7. EOBD Facile


  • Monitor manufacturer error codes
  • View and create records of GPS data
  • Records and views trip and can be saved on your iPhone/iPad
  • Displays: Speed, Torque, inlet air quantity, engine speed, spark timing, etc

The EOBD Facile is the best obd2 app for iPhone. It allows you to check on the engine’s fault codes in order to determine their meaning. This comes in handy when you’ve been driving for hours and need statistics in your car in a real-time manner.

What makes this application different is its ability to record and save your trip recording. When using the app, it can record the entirety of the trip on your iPhone/iPad and can be recovered via the EOBD Facil app.

Also, it allows users to receive records of GPS data on their vehicle. This makes it easier for them to find their location and reach their destination.

Get this device if you are seeking real-time information on your car’s geolocation and performance.

On the other hand, there has been some concern about the app. For instance, it the free version is non-functional, and there are some periodic problems with the device’s connectivity.  If these issues are present, then you should get a replacement immediately.

You can’t go wrong with the EOBD Facile if you have an iOS phone. The app gives a lot of utility when you’re out on the road as it gives you detailed reports on the health of your car. So try this app if you’re willing to take care of your car.


  • Fuel tank, RPM, load and coolant, speed
  • Checks vehicle emissions
  • Customized dashboards
  • ECU support
  • HUD mode for night driving

Last on our list is the Engine Link II – OBD II Diagnosis app. You can connect it to your vehicle using either a Bluetooth connection or an adapter.

This app is useful in the way that it helps users monitor their fuel consumption.

The display will show a percentage level of how much fuel your car is using and send you an alert once it needs to be fixed.

You can choose what data is displayed when using this app. The Engine Link II- OBD II app will show the horsepower, acceleration, torque, engine RPM, etc. and gives you the freedom to choose which data is necessary according to your situation.

However, there have been some issues with the app’s language support and its incompatibility. You have limited to ELM compatible devices or low energy adapters for it to work correctly. So make sure to check your device to ensure that it works properly.

Obdeleven reviews state that the Engine Link II – OBD II Diagnosis app is a life saver for car enthusiasts. It gives you enough information to spot the errors of your vehicle so that you can either repair or replace the defective parts. Give this app a chance if you need extra support and diagnostics for your vehicle!


To conclude, the best obd2 app will depend on your preferences and the specs of your car. So try each one of these apps until you get one that suits your vehicle perfectly.

Do you have any additional questions about these apps?

Tell us in the comments below!

Steven Hansen is a founder of Techeries. He is a specialist in digital security solution business design and development, virtualization and cloud computing R&D projects, establishment and management of software research direction. He also loves writing about data management and cyber security.

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Choosing the Right Functional Testing Tool

Ray Parker



Since technology keeps evolving from time to time, organizations need to keep up with the pace of technological changes. Previously, companies released software apps on a monthly or quarterly basis. To keep up with the current market competition, organizations that have faster delivery cycles tend to be more successful than others. Now companies are expected to deliver software products.

This rapid change in trends has both positive and negative impacts. Organizations need to be more efficient and maintain quality while ensuring quick releases. This cannot be done without research and using the right software testing tools. With a huge variety of tools available in the market, making decisions is quite complex. However, asking relevant questions can help organizations choose the best tools for various phases of a project. 

‌ Major issues organizations face when selecting tools for their testing activities is to figure out if the tools actually cover their testing requirements or not. Companies often change testing tools based on their budget constraints or if a new manager has used them previously. These factors should not affect the decision as to which testing approach is the best. So, when organizations look around for a good functional testing company, the following considerations should be made:

  • Does the Tool Deal with Relevant Defects?

One of the top most asked questions testers ask when looking for a functional testing tool is, if it can deal with the relevant defects. Testers review the recent defects, detected in test and production. And then check if the tool can catch those types of defects. If the answer is negative, they might have to look for other options. This step can either be performed before tool selection or later. 

  • Team Selection 

QA managers decide which team members will be doing the automating. If automation is to be done by developers or both developers and software testers, then they should have a complete tool package. If the tool has a record/playback feature, it will be more appropriate for the non-technical testers. Additionally, the testers assigned with specific tasks and tools should have experience using the tool otherwise it will slow down the software delivery process. 

  • Features and Test-Data Management 

Testers looking for the right tools have to check for features like account creation, clear orders, export accounts, and associated orders and re-import it. It allows easy tests setup. In addition, its ability to create test servers on-demand according to requirements. Teams that work on Continuous Integration approach need end-to-end checking features to create this environment. Thus, testers check all the features and see if the tool follows a test-data management approach. 

  • Reporting

A testing tool can never be useful if it does not achieve its purpose. A good functional tool provides essential features like dashboard and charts. Tracking the test is another essential feature of a testing tool that helps achieve different expected results. Thus, this is a feature tester cannot ignore. 

The afore-mentioned factors should be considered to get the best functional testing tools for your project. 

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Better Consumer Experience In Lending Assured By Innovative Technology

Steven Sanders



When it comes to online shopping, consumers look for the best experience. Thanks to the advances in digital technology more and more online platforms for different products and services are now focused on bringing a change in their customer acquisition methods to ensure better user experience.

Practically, you will see that almost every sector of the economy is using technology to the fullest to make their service the best. Among these, the automobile and lending industry seems to be the forerunners. They are always ready to make a few sweeping updates, especially in their sales approach and service processes. 

With the use of new tools and technology, several financial companies have started to use the most sophisticated tools and technology available to make their online user platforms more and more attractive, useful and easy to navigate. Tools and techniques such as machine learning and AI have made it incredibly easy for the money lenders to:

  • Guide their customers through the entire loan origination process
  • Discover all other additional opportunities provided by them 
  • Use the available data from the loan applicants to customize each loan product and financial services to meet the specific needs of their customers. 

This has made the process faster, better and more secure helping both the borrowers and the money lenders. 

Better for the entire industry

The finance industry is wide and extensive and in fact, is a huge umbrella that covers almost all sectors of business. With such a huge area of operation and such a diverse range of customers with an equally diverse range of wants and demands to cater to, manual operation is unthinkable in the present time. Use of financial tools and technology has helped the entire finance industry and the statistics of each proves this fact significantly.

  • In the mortgage sector of finance industry it was seen that within the third quarter of 2017 the total outstanding mortgage debt for residences meant for one to four family members in the US exceeded $10.5 trillion. 
  • It is also found that it will continue to rise even more despite the fact that the industry is yet to recover all of the lost ground in the last decade due to the financial crisis that led to significant loss in revenue and business profits of the finance industry as reveled through different experts like libertylending and research reports.
  • In addition to that it is found that the home prices as well as the volume of loan originations are continually rising upwards in the past several years. This is in spite of the array of technical problems that the mortgage lenders usually face in delivering their services.

These problems are typical and coexistent in all segments of the finance industry. This is because of the complexity in the process, the time required to process a loan and the lack of available data at a given point of time. This plagues the lenders as well as the borrowers alike throughout the loan origination process. 

According to facts and findings published by the Federal Housing Finance Authority it is revealed that:

  • 18% of all home loan applicants are compelled to redo their paperwork and 
  • Nearly 24% of the applicants found that their closing dates were postponed.

The report also notes that the borrower satisfaction level with the closing process is usually high. However, the numbers indicate that this level of satisfaction is found to be low among the younger applicants. 

Usability And Convenience

Now, the question that may arise is why this younger generation seems to get a low satisfaction and inferior user experience? This is because they want more convenience in the process and are more and more tech-conscious. They tend to judge a service or an online platform on the specific metrics of usability and convenience.

With the rise in demand in real estate and the prospects of lending in this specific sector such as the ever rising interest rates, more and more fintech companies are entering into the real estate market. This will ensure that the users, irrespective of their age will find more convenience when they borrow money for whatever purpose. 

Implementing technology into lending will not only speed up the origination process but will also guide the borrowers from start to finish. The current efforts of the fintech companies primarily focus on two main aspects:

  • Streamlining the user experience for the borrowers and 
  • Improving the data management process that may be required for loan underwriting.

With intent to smoothen the borrower experience the online lending platforms allow users to apply for a loan without even having to meet the loan officer or make a call. The technology provides a lot of benefits such as:

  • Giving the customers the ability to upload documents
  • Manage their applications on their own schedule
  • Reducing the time for the loan processing and
  • Lowering the cost of borrowing.

In short, consumers now can have quicker loans through a more convenient process. It is all due to the subprime lending process followed by the banks and financial organizations now. The loan origination costs are not passed on to the customers as the lenders have found the ways to reduce these expenses by automating the loan origination as well as their underwriting process. 

Big data backend

Apart from the convenient and faster loan processing, the use of technology in lending has also helped the lenders to verify credit scores of the borrowers, track different information related to their payment history and finally evaluate their credit worthiness flawlessly. 

All these automated processes results in the reduction of cost and this saved amount is translated into more reasonable loan fees for the borrowers.

The useful data collected and stored in the systems eliminates the need for any costly manual effort to gather the same. The technology based solutions has enabled them to find more useful and innovative ways to handle customer information and analyzing more efficiently enabling them to act in a better way according to the available data and information ensuring best user experience. 

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How to Protect Yourself From 5G Network?



Today we live in the era of technology where technical things are developing too fast than any other developments in this world. It seems that people of this century are hungry for the new technological ideas, instead, say that it looks more of a race between the different countries of the world to show that they are the most developed country of this world. The invention of 5g technology is rather more a result of this race. 

    Now, 5g is generally known as the fifth-generation cellular network that provides broadband access. The first reasonably substantial deployment was in April 2019 in South Korea SK Telecom claimed 38,000 base stations, and KT Corporations claimed 30,000 and LG U Plus claimed 18,000 of which 85% are in the six major cities of South Korea. They use 3.5 GHz sub-spectrum in a non-standalone mode, and tested speeds were from 193 Mbit/s up and 430 Mbit/s down. 260,000 signed up in the first month and goal is 10% of phones on 5g by the end of 2019. 

    At the current scenario, six countries currently sale 5g radio hardware and 5g systems for carriers. Those companies are Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, ZTE, Datang Telecom, and Ericsson. Here the service area covered by providers is divided into a small geographical area called cells. An analog converts analog signals found in mobile phones to digital converter and transmitted as a stream of bits. All the 5g powered devices communicate with radio waves through local antennae array and low power sound receiver in the cell. There are plans to use the millimeter waves for 5g. Millimeter waves have a shorter range than microwaves. Therefore, the cells being tiny in size.  Millimeter wave antennas are smaller than large antennae used in the previous cellular networks. 5G can support up to millions of devices per square kilometer, whereas 4G supports only 100,000 devices per square kilometer.

   Now many people think that the 5G must be an improvement, right? When it comes to our mobile devices, we usually want anything that can deliver us a fast, convenient service. But these things are high, and the great things always come with a price. All electronic devices create EMF or to say electromotive force, and some of them are more harmful than others.  The problem is that cell phones and other devices emit EMF, which has a short of invisible radiation, that can cause adverse effects. The radiation from the mobile devices damages cell membranes and releases cancer-causing free radicals. This will, of course, bring health issues to us because of microwaves whose towers will be a size of shoe-box, unlike 4G towers which were of gigantic shape.

Here are a few ways in which EMF can affect our body:

  • Changes how we metabolize cells
  • Causes psychiatric effects like anxiety, depression, neurodegenerative issues
  • Cardiac arrhythmias 
  • Health flutters
  • Tachycardia
  • Fertility (affects male fertility more than female but damage is seen in both the cases)
  • Affects eyesight
  • Damages DNA

and many others.

How to Stop Yourselves from Getting Damaged by The Radiation

See we need not throw our mobile devices to stop ourselves from getting affected by it. The goal is always to support a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways in which we can do to prevent ourselves from getting affected by the radiation. Although the 5G network is not supported to be launched till 2020 but with the rush to be the best and fastest network many cities have started to pioneer the technology. Here are a few ways we can do to minimize current contact with the harmful radiation:

Keep Your Distance

We should keep a distance from mobile devices while we are not using it. We should keep our cell phones out from our room while we sleep during the night time and to avoid screens for the few hours before bedtime anyway. This is because of the effect of the blue light that can affect the ability to sleep well during the night. Do not use your phones while they are on charge because they comparatively emit more radiation in compared to the phone without in charge.

Turn It Off

When we are not using the WIFI, we should turn it off, especially at bedtime. Although it does not entirely eliminate EMF exposure but inevitably reduces it.

Use Specially Designed Headphones

Consider utilizing wired headphones for extended phone calls to decrease close, prolonged association with the device. Maximum cell phone headsets possess a wire that can act as an antenna and amplify the radiation emissions all the way to the earpiece.

Choose Your House Wisely

If feasible, do not inhabit near a cell tower or mini-station. Also, get included in local politics so that you can hear about all the potentially hazardous plans your city council has in store for you.

Stay Educated

Continually keeping yourself educated about the wireless industry and the global, governmental support of this insane endeavor.

Be Proactive and Stay Out of Fear

Remain positive and robust, and continue to improve your vibration through positive thinking, forgiveness and with increased attention towards mental, emotional, and physical health.

The article was prepared by the Team of Twitch Clip Downloader  


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