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8 Best OBD2 Apps For Your Car 2019 [REVIEW]



While the requirements of commuting from one place to the other are enhancing in a rapid way, the prerequisites of Onboard diagnostics or the best obd2 app for the cars are raising. Breakdown of your vehicle in the middle of the road is certainly one of the worst things that may waste your precious time.

So you’re looking for the best obd2 app for your vehicle and don’t know where to start. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

But before we get onto our review, there are some things you have to consider before getting your first OBD II app.

  • What model and year is my car?
  • Does my car have an OBD or an OBD II port that I can connect
  • Does my car have Bluetooth compatibility?
  • Do I have an Android or iPhone?

Asking these questions will help you determine which obd 2 app will work for you. And when you find one, it’s always a safe bet to try out the Lite version first. This will help you perform a litmus test to see if the app works with your vehicle. Once you’ve gotten used to the Lite version, and it works with your vehicle, then you can switch to the Pro version to fully utilize the app.

The Best OBD2 App in 2019:

1. Obdeleven


  • Automatic all analyzing and scanning
  • Multi-language database
  • Car battery analyzer
  • Information about the car
  • Diagnostic trouble codes from every control units that are placed in your car.

OBDeleven is the best app on the market because of its responsiveness and functionality. The OBDeleven communicates in Bluetooth to an Android phone. This allows you to do what most users will be able to do with a back comp system.

As a result, you can benefit from this app because you don’t need to stick your laptop in the car in order for it to work (who places their laptops in the car anyway?).

To use it, place the device near the OBD port of your car found in the driver’s seat. Download the app and create an account to sign up. Then, connect the app to the Bluetooth of the car. Once the device is connected, you’ll start to see diagnostics of the vehicle.  

And we’ll tell you the difference between both the Basic and PRO edition right here. If you have a non V11 and you want to check up on basic faults for your car. But, if you need an app that’s for live data and for manual coding, then you should get the PRO edition.

Another important thing to remember is that you can update to the PRO version once you’ve have gotten used to the Basic edition.

Some shoppers complained that while the app is inexpensive, they have to pay for its usage by watching ads or buying credits. However, that is not the case. Users can still use the OBDeleven’s app for convenience.

NoteYou can buy credits separately in both BASIC or PRO version. That means you do not get credits when you purchase PRO, they are not related. Credits let you activate cool features with one click apps. Credits can be purchased or you can watch Ads and get free credits every day (1 free credit for login and 5 free credits for watching Ads/day). 10 credits cost 1.5 EUR and 10 credits are enough to activate the main functions.

Basically, the OBDeleven is the best car diagnostic for people needing quick information about their car. It saves you time by giving you a detailed analysis of your vehicle faster than going to the mechanics. So if you’re looking for an obd2 app that’s worth your money, you should definitely look at this one!

2. Carista OBD2


  • Checks engine lights
  • Engine Overheating Alerts
  • Compatible with vehicles made after 2000
  • Gives advanced diagnostics such as the ABS, airbag, and navigation

Carista OBD2 is a pro scan tool that most car aficionados swear by. It allows you to diagnose your vehicle for existing faults and tests the car’s emission. It comes with an OBD II adapter that’s fitted in the car’s OBD II port. Once the Carista app is plugged in, it will tell you the if your car is struck and provide extra information about the vehicle.

For those who want an obd2 app that alerts them on their car’s performance, the Carista OBD2 is one of your best options. It allows you to control the temperature of your car and respond if it overheats. The app runs in the background and will send an alarm to alert you that the temperature is at an unsafe level.

Also, Carista OBD2 allows you to customize the way how your car behaves. For instance, the app can set the car’s headlights to automatically turn on when someone starts the engine, lock the doors when the car starts moving, or change the back parking sensor sounds. Because of this, you’ll be able to fully utilize your car and improve its lifespan.

Thus, this application is the best obd2 app for android. Not only does it help you customize your vehicle, but it gives you the information needed to make repairs or change its engine in an emergency. So try to get this app while you can!

3. Torque Pro


  • Shows Temperature transmissions
  • Helps in minimizing costs and repairing your car
  • Uses color schemes to show your car’s condition
  • GPS geo-tracking to help show your car’s location at a certain time

Third on our list is the Torque Pro. This app is one of the most popular apps in Android’s Play Store because of its reliability and overall functionality.

Consumers like this app because of its numerous detectors and features supported with it. It has enough plugins and widgets to help you monitor your car’s health effectively.

With the application’s widgets, you can customize the dashboard of your vehicle. And, the Torque OBD app has a GPS feature that logs with your car’s OBD engine to see how it’s acting at any given time. It then shows a CEL/DTC fault code scanner which can view your car and spot out any issues. When using Torque Pro, you’ll be able to spot out difficulties immediately.

The only issue that users have with this app is that is has a high battery consumption. To solve this, we suggest that you have your phone fully charged before running it. Doing this will allow you to utilize the device and have time to recharge it if the battery runs below 30%.

Still, the Torque Pro is a useful app if you’re trying to monitor the performance of your vehicle. All you have to do is plug it inside your car, and you’ll find out detailed information on how to keep it up and running.

4. Hobdrive


  • Graphical measures
  • Service and fueling records
  • Continuous Error tracking
  • KWP protocol diagnostics
  • Trip recording computer

Hobdrive is one of the most underrated apps in Google Play Store. The app acts as an OBD2 Diagnostic Software and a Trip Advisor. Because of this, users find it easier to drive for extended periods of time.

We like the app because it allows users to receive diagnostics on their total travel time. For example, Hobdrive shows the fuel level, fuel economy, intake air, total time traveled and other important specs about your car throughout the duration of your drive.

Some consumers found fault with the application because of its small design issues. They complained that they had to continue re-logging in their information each time they turned the app on. While this may be a minor inconvenience, just uninstall the app and reinstall it if it continues to give you this problem.

Basically, if you want the best obd2 android app 2019, then look no further. The Hobdrive gives users the MPG tracking errors tracking, and engine diagnostics to help the user get to their destination safely. So give this app a look if you want a handy tool with you on your long drives and road trips!

5. OBD Car Doctor Pro


  • GPS Supported
  • Chart drawing with realistic data
  • Vehicle Indicators; car speed, temperature, pressure, the angle of rotation, etc
  • Fuel Economy parameters
  • Allows to share and store DTC data

Fifth on the list is the OBD Car Doctor Pro. This application is known by customers because of its real-time statistics.

Once plugged in, the app can spot certain deficiencies and has custom configurations for non-standard protocols and parameters.

You’ll like this app because it has real sensors and monitors attached to it. You’ll be able to quickly find out the fuel economy, gas consumption, etc., just by logging on with your account and pressing a few buttons.

Thus, making this app a great choice for new drivers who want an accessory that’s usually suspended.

But, some consumers did not like that app’s tendency to disrupt the Wi-Fi connection. When turned on, some users will notice their Wi-Fi connection turning completely off and the app’s inability to read all the codes. If this happens, it’s best to get a new adapter or restart the app.

The OBD Car Doctor Pro is one of the best obd apps due to its utility, responsiveness, and the accuracy of its car diagnostics. So, get this app if you want to stay updated on your car’s performance so that you can treat certain issues effectively.

6. OBD Auto Doctor


  • Send diagnostic data via email
  • Choose between metric or imperial units
  • MIL, Freeze Frames, DTCs
  • OBD II Indicators help detect anomalies
  • Supports data of transmission, engine, etc

Next up is the OBD Auto Doctor. With this simple to use OBD-II Software, you can connect to your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic system and turn your mobile phone or computer to an automotive scanner.

The OBD Auto Doctor is a must-have tool for people that want to know their cars better.

Whether you want to reset the “check engine” light or monitor your data in real-time, this is the only piece of software you need.

For those that are interested in using this car diagnostics software, we suggest that you start with the Lite version first. If the free version of this device works, then you can opt for the pro version.

This version has more advanced features (real-time scanning, built-in DTC database, etc.) to help you fully understand what’s right or wrong with your vehicle. 

Some consumers found fault with the device’s low Bluetooth connection. If you do have any issues with the device, please check some of the following:

  • Is your car OBD II compatible?
  • Is your car’s key placed in the ON position?
  • Is your scan tool’s adapter compatible with the device?

Overall, When using this device, it will display information such as the speed, pressure, angle of rotation, temperature, as well as sensor data that are supported by your vehicle. So if you want to utilize your car’s OBD system easily, keep this device in mind!

7. EOBD Facile


  • Monitor manufacturer error codes
  • View and create records of GPS data
  • Records and views trip and can be saved on your iPhone/iPad
  • Displays: Speed, Torque, inlet air quantity, engine speed, spark timing, etc

The EOBD Facile is the best obd2 app for iPhone. It allows you to check on the engine’s fault codes in order to determine their meaning. This comes in handy when you’ve been driving for hours and need statistics in your car in a real-time manner.

What makes this application different is its ability to record and save your trip recording. When using the app, it can record the entirety of the trip on your iPhone/iPad and can be recovered via the EOBD Facil app.

Also, it allows users to receive records of GPS data on their vehicle. This makes it easier for them to find their location and reach their destination.

Get this device if you are seeking real-time information on your car’s geolocation and performance.

On the other hand, there has been some concern about the app. For instance, it the free version is non-functional, and there are some periodic problems with the device’s connectivity.  If these issues are present, then you should get a replacement immediately.

You can’t go wrong with the EOBD Facile if you have an iOS phone. The app gives a lot of utility when you’re out on the road as it gives you detailed reports on the health of your car. So try this app if you’re willing to take care of your car.


  • Fuel tank, RPM, load and coolant, speed
  • Checks vehicle emissions
  • Customized dashboards
  • ECU support
  • HUD mode for night driving

Last on our list is the Engine Link II – OBD II Diagnosis app. You can connect it to your vehicle using either a Bluetooth connection or an adapter.

This app is useful in the way that it helps users monitor their fuel consumption.

The display will show a percentage level of how much fuel your car is using and send you an alert once it needs to be fixed.

You can choose what data is displayed when using this app. The Engine Link II- OBD II app will show the horsepower, acceleration, torque, engine RPM, etc. and gives you the freedom to choose which data is necessary according to your situation.

However, there have been some issues with the app’s language support and its incompatibility. You have limited to ELM compatible devices or low energy adapters for it to work correctly. So make sure to check your device to ensure that it works properly.

Obdeleven reviews state that the Engine Link II – OBD II Diagnosis app is a life saver for car enthusiasts. It gives you enough information to spot the errors of your vehicle so that you can either repair or replace the defective parts. Give this app a chance if you need extra support and diagnostics for your vehicle!


To conclude, the best obd2 app will depend on your preferences and the specs of your car. So try each one of these apps until you get one that suits your vehicle perfectly.

Do you have any additional questions about these apps?

Tell us in the comments below!

Steven Hansen is a founder of Techeries. He is a specialist in digital security solution business design and development, virtualization and cloud computing R&D projects, establishment and management of software research direction. He also loves writing about data management and cyber security.

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License Key Management Software – A Guide



What is Software License Management?

So you’re probably wondering, “What is software license management?”

Software License Management involves the process of reducing, controlling, and documenting your total IT costs. License key management software helps control your IT costs, giving your team the organization needed to run effectively.

Types of Software Licenses

Here are the most common software licenses that are available:

  • General Public License: Covers software that comes at no charge and can be copied, modified, and used for free.
  • Database: While usually aligned to a device, database licensing demands special consideration due to the complex licensing complex and high cost that change by the vendor and might include the number of cores or servers, running against the installed databases. With databases, you have to get the correct license before using it for research or other projects.
  • Per Network: Cover all machines placed on one specific network.
  • Per-user: Restricted to one user that can use it on multiple devices (laptop or desktop) and requires the user to log in to verify their identity.
  • Per device or CPU: only required for one machine whether its a data center or user device.
  • Per Subscription: Managed via subscription by a device or user. They usually have an electric date.

Benefits of Good License Key Management Software

One key advantage is that your company will have all of its software licenses under control. On average, the average cost for unused software is about $259 per software. This sucks up your IT budget and wastes your precious resources. By monitoring and tracking your purchases, you are ensuring that every license accounted for is operating correctly.

The biggest benefit is that it’s a critical part in ensuring your software licenses are compliant with the EULA (End User License Agreement). If one device is using unlicensed software, you could face legal repercussions or some hefty fines.

Risks of Bad Software License Management

The Business Software Alliance is a company whose mission is to enforce compliance between businesses and advocate legal software. To fulfill this goal, the BSA uses court-ordered audits on organizations to ensure they are compliant. It does matter if they’re a small mom and pop shop to large government organization – the BSA will run an audit to ensure you’re operating legitimately.

When purchasing software, it’s important to remember that you down own the software. You have the right to use it under the EULA’s terms. If the BSA or any other auditor finds out that you’re not following the terms of the agreement, you’re exposing yourself to thousands or millions of dollars in legal penalties. The average fine for noncompliant licenses is $100,000 per license.

It’s recommended that you have regular internal audits to cover your bases before the BSA comes in. By managing the software licenses and uses, you’re eliminating the risk of unexpected penalties, negative audit results, and other signs of damage.


License key management software is necessary for startups and growing businesses. By getting a better grasp over your network’s license compliance, you have to ability to protect your company from unwanted lawsuits and fees. So get the right tool so you can upgrade your company’s overall license security.

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2019 Ultimate Guide on Making Your First Video Website



Your first video website will require research, planning, and a bit of money in order to get it started. While some say it’s difficult, you can easily use a template to speed up the website creation process. We would like to help new website owners by giving them some tips on how to make their first site memorable and appealing to their specific niche.

Everyone who is deciding to make a video website will have to answer the following question.

How Do I Design the Website?

You can either design the website by scratch (We don’t suggest you use ready-made solutions if you are looking for an efficient tool) or by using templates. To make a video website, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Server-based video converter (converts the video files into flash).
  • Web design software (Front page/Dreamweaver for active page development and tools)

Look for a Reliable Host

You need to find an effective hosting platform for your website. You’ll need a hosting plan that holds over 1TB of data (it is a video site after all). This is because it will require a lot of bandwidth limits and disk storage.


  • Enhanced network connectivity: (select a content delivery network i.e. CDN).
  • Reliable storage: (Cloud hosting or SSD)
  • High Bandwidth: (Netflix suggests 25 Mbps, Amazon recommend 15 Mbps, Hulu suggests 13 Mbps)
  • Security: (Domain restriction, Geographical restriction, viewer payment security, Token security, Watermarking)
  • Low jitter: Use ABR streaming due to its adaptive stream rate. This allows it to reduce jitter and make your site run more effectively.

Pros and Cons of Using a Website Builder

You can save yourself a lot of time and money by using a website builder. And you’ll save yourself from the difficulties that occur when people make a website on their own.

Video website builders allow you to create a website via a web-based platform without having to struggle with manual coding. You only need a web browser and an internet connection, and you’re ready to go.


  • The best option for beginners
  • They make a great blogging platform
  • Various eCommerce tools
  • They offer multiple marketing and business tools
  • The template’s tutorials will help you know the creation process
  • They provide appealing design templates for a wide range of industries.


  • Once you’ve selected a template, you can’t change the page without starting over.
  • Visible advertisements are shown on the free plan.
  • The styling options can be overwhelming.
  • You can only make your website from a laptop of a PC.
  • This platform uses only one payment integration system.


When trying to make a video site its best to use a template once you get started. Once your video site grows, you can add custom features and switch to a fully manual site. Continue to produce good videos, improve your video bandwidth quality, and maintain your website, and you’ll find yourself with an amazing video web site.

Do you have any questions about making your video website?

Tell us in the comments below.

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3 Types of Interviewers When Applying for A Software Position




You’re one of the many dedicated software developers that have been selected for an interview. But what should you expect? As the role of a software developer has increased, so has the interview process.

Let’s look at the three main types of people you’ll meet and what they’d want to hear: The Technical Leader, Recruiter, and the Business Leader.

The Recruiter

Whether you’re meeting an agency recruiter, HR person, or an internal recruiter, this person wants to know if your experience and expectations match with that of the Business or Technical Leader. They will assess how you’ll fit with the team and watch for any red flags that are in your background.

The recruiter will assess you in the following areas:

  • Do you have the right software experience?
  • Are there red flags in your work history?
  • What’s your motivation for changing roles?

As the recruiter will be partnered with the Technical or Business Leader, their first question is how you’ll fit the job position/brief that they’ve been given.

They will assess you based on your experience, expectations, qualifications and their questions will reflect this. Here are the most common questions that they’ll ask:

  • Why did you change roles?
  • What motivates you?
  • What’s your salary expectations?
  • How would your last team/boss describe your work style?
  • Tell me more about your current position?

Business Leader

If you’re interviewing for a senior position, or in a small start-up environment, you’ll likely have an appointment with a Business Leader.

The business leader will assess you on:

  • Are you able to meet deadlines?
  • Can you help grow the business?
  • Your ability to help drive positive commercial outcomes.

This means that when meeting a business leader, the questions will be more targeted towards your behavior. Typical questions from business leaders include:

  • What work culture do you thrive in?
  • What do you need from us in order to be successful?
  • Tell me the last time you failed and what you’ve learned from it?
  • In researching this business, what would you do if you were the CEO?
  • What’s the hardest challenge you had to overcome?

The Technical Leader

The technical leader can be the CTO, CIO, Head of Software Development, etc. The Technical Leader will have a greater focus on your technical abilities for the role than other people involved with the interview process.

When you’re interviewing with a  technical leader, they’ reassessing you on:

  • How you test your code.
  • Do you have the ability to code correctly?
  • The quality of your coding documentation.

The technical leader gives you a combination of interview questions and tests (Pair Programming Test, Whiteboard Test, Online Programming Test, etc.) to see if you’re a correct fit for the job. To solve these questions, be honest about your skills and how the company can help you use your skills to help their IT team.


It doesn’t matter if you’re interviewing for a small company or one that’s recognized internationally, you still need to be prepared for it. By being prepared, you’ll have the opportunity to answer the questions correctly and prove you’re suitable for the position. Once accepted, you’ll be added to a team of dedicated software developers, ready to help you on any projects.  

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