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5 Best Vocal Remover Software



best vocal remover software

Is your YouTube channel needing an update with new karaoke tracks with all the latest hits? So was mine. So I took a virtual adventure across the internet on the quest to find the best vocal remover online. Read all about my favorite and best vocal remover software available online.

Our Best Vocal Removal Picks: 

1. EasySplitter

Split vocals easily with EasySplitter. See what I did there? Ugh, it’s hard to be this good guy! Files are stored on their simple interface, which I really like, it takes a step out of the process for me. All my files are stored in one place, super convenient. This service speed is awesome too, the whole process takes only a few seconds.

EasySplitter allows you to split the song to 4 main STEMS: Vocal, Instrumental, Bass, and Other. This means that you can also download each STEM separately or download all of them at once.

2. Audio Alter

Audio Alter offers so much more than just vocal isolations or removal. You can add panning effects or even use 8D audio effects, too. Another thing I really liked was the audio file converter! You can convert an audio file to a different format. 

3. PhonicMind

Phonic Mind is a nice affordable option for all my friends ballin’ on a budget. No worries, we all are! Not only are they affordable but they use highly intelligent AI to separate vocals from music online, no download needed. 

4. Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover will split vocals using spectral analysis, neural networks, and deep learning. It’s pretty speedy, guys, but be forewarned, if you have a super decent sound system, this might sound not as good as it could.

5. Vocal Remover Pro

So, this guy uses a nice waveform inversion of sound technology and software to strip away vocals. PS your vocals pretty much have to be centered so watch out on that one. And like with a lot of vocal separation service, any leftover vocals will be muddy and watery adding to a “back up” effect. 

Buying Guide

So, my karaoke maker friends, there it is. If you’re unorganized Easy Splitter might be the instrumental maker online for you because it will save your files in one place for you. If you’re an AI nerd, go be with your friends at Audio Alter.

The Best Online Vocal Remover App – Verdict

Can you hear samples? While some services have a clip for you to hear a sample, others don’t. Some even will let you try it for free by uploading a file right away. It just depends!

Will vocals be removed all the way? Most services that separate vocals from music online leave a trace of vocals that blend in with the music. Which works great as back up vocals for karaoke!


Have you tried any of these karaoke makers? If you did, let me know if you found anything different. I was able to get my karaoke tracks back up to par with all of the new music out. Don’t let your karaoke channel fall behind and lose subscribers! You need a new online instrumental maker, my friend!

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