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Cryptyk Review – The Future of Blockchain Cybersecurity Solutions



It’s become uncommon for enterprises to keep their confidential data online via cloud storage service providers. Cloud-based applications and cloud applications can help with reducing operational costs and eliminate upfront costs for hardware purchases while helping to improve employee mobility. There is a lot to know and love about cloud technology.

Unfortunately, these advances don’t come without its flaws. When it comes to cloud security, the cost for cybersecurity is paying thousands of dollars for enterprise-level cloud storage protection. This remains as an imperfect solution that leaves the people vulnerable to multiple forms of security breaches.

This is not for a select few players that are at risk. Every form of the enterprise security solution and existing cloud storage is flawed. That’s because they shared similar centralized design architecture that presents several problems:

  1. External threats from hacker communities and groups
  2. Viral threats from dangerous software (i.e., malware, ransomware, and viruses)
  3. Operational DDOS (Denial of Service) and failure threats attacks.
  4. Internal threats from disgruntled employees
  5. Surveillance man of the middle or intercept threats

Of course, there are a few measures that individuals and businesses can take to lower their vulnerability. At scale, it provides expensive combinations of spyware and anti-virus software, Data Leak Prevention (DLP), Threat Analysis, Cloud Security Gateways (CSGs), or Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA).

While all of these measures are helpful, all of the measures fall short of completely protecting your data that’s stored on the cloud.

What’s the Solution?

Over 4,500 cryptocurrencies have been created since Bitcoin’s launch in less than a decade ago. With money flooding into the crypto market and hype was taking off in the crypto market, opportunists and entrepreneurs have created blockchain solutions for inconsequential problems.

As a crypto investor, you can narrow the field by investing in projects that address real problems. On that note, it’s important for investors to understand the key difference between security and tokens.

While public opinion is the main factor in finding the value of security tokens, utility tokens develop intrinsic values as the economies that begin to use them start to grow.

Cryptyk Inc has created a CTK token, which is a hybrid solution for cloud storage and enterprise security. In the Cryptyk platform, Cryptyk takes a direct approach to address the issues of modern cybersecurity strategies and technology.

Its blockchain is a “hybrid” because it combines blockchain auditing, decentralized platforms, and multi-cloud storage.

VAULT – Enhanced Hacker Protection

As long as hacking is profitable, security breaches are unavoidable. To address this, Cryptyk has made a decentralized multi-cloud storage that’s safe-to-hack. This new innovation represents a paradigm shift for online security.

Instead of playing the cat and mouse game with cybersecurity hackers, Cryptyk takes a different approach. Cryptyk creates a technological process that makes the security breaches useless.

Once you upload a file to the VAULT, the file is divided into separate pieces that are independently stored by cloud providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Amazon S3, etc. The encryption keys are unlocked are stored on the user’s personal smart devices.

In order for a hacker to obtain a single file, they have to crack 3 out of 5 storage providers, find the coded hash links that link each file part, decrypt over 6 levels of SHA-256 encryption and then break the user’s private key. As you can see, Cryptyk makes hacking impossible for even the most seasoned hacker to accomplished.

This allows customers to access their files with speeds similar to Google Drive. As for hackers, Cryptyk’s system will reduce their potential attacks by up to 90%.

SENTRY – Blockchain Powered Security Auditing

SENTRY is the second half of CRYPTK’s system. It’s an auditing platform that’s created on an immutable blockchain. And it controls the user’s access to the platform and tracks all transactions, communications, and file shares.

In addition to the security benefits, SENTRY’s system is the backbone of CTK token’s ecosystem. It’s used to manage all activities such as purchases, developer payments, and token exchanges with fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.


Overall, we believe that Cryptyk has a bright future ahead of it. Not only does the platform help prevent hackers from reaching your account, but also they keep your file stored in different locations, rendering their hacking efforts useless. While we don’t know the future of cryptocurrency, we’re sure that will use its potential to remain relevant in the later years to come.

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