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How Modern Day Web Development Is Adding Value To User Experience In User Experience?

In this fast-paced world, web development has created a great impact in the world. It is adding great value to user experience in the year 2017. If you don’t believe us, then you need to look how many times people searched for Web Development Company California in this year. Certain trends have also emerged on an account of adding value to user experience. In this blog, we are going to provide you a sneak peek at the revolutionary trends and make you aware of how they add value to a user experience.

Coming up with age-responsive designs

It is not so easy to reach out to Gen X, Gen Z (the iGeneration) and Gen Y(millennials) in the world of digital marketing. You need to have a skillset of hardcore marketing if you want to stir the chords of the heart of millennials or post-millennials because they don’t get beguiled so easily. But with age-responsive designs, each generation gets enough time and energy to respond best to aesthetics and images created for them.

Recently, a survey has been conducted to find out about the trends of Web development Company California and it has been proven that web development companies in California use age-responsive designs in their work.

Creating skeleton screens

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to save time. They want to speed up all the processes, without wasting time on a website that doesn’t load faster. This is why it is challenging to show the insurmountable feats of success in terms of retaining a website visitor.

However, there are ways to decrease the page loading time to an extent that a visitor would stay on the website. However, skeleton screens provide an additional support to decrease page-loading time, facilitating the impatient users.

Much of users’ experience depends upon the loading time of a website. Even psychological studies indicate that subtleties leave a deep impact on the people. When a skeleton screen loads, users mostly expect content so they stay on website, thereby lowering the bounce rate.

Engagement Bots

Chatbots are not unique or new, but their utilization methods have expanded largely. Now, the chatbots can integrate into any website, keeping the responses to the customer’s questions automatic and steamrolling the process of sales all day long.

How can you use engagement bots?

You can consider engagement bots a responsive FAQ section. You have to think about the questions, which your customers might ask so that you could prepare the answers beforehand. You have to program your bot in a way that it remains available around the clock, responding to the customer’s queries, and attaining more conversions.

Shopping Cart Marketing

The top online retailers use shopping cart marketing to enable the promotion of products or increase up selling. According to a research, these kinds of promotions can rise the e-commerce revenue by more than 10 to 30 percent. In case, you want to sell directly, you can easily offer a great number of related or unrelated products to customers.

Animated Call-to-Action Buttons

This significant factor has become tantamount to making conversions. The key role that CTA buttons play to make conversions is incomparable to any other conversion-generating factor. Many top-notch designers take into account shape, placement, and size so that CTA buttons can easily grab the attention of the visitors. A new trend has recently emerged- the trend of incorporating animation to the CTA button, attracting a customer without diverting his attention from other important visuals or a product.

It is indisputably paramount to keep the animation tasteful, and in line with the visual feel and look of a website. This is just another step taken to boost customer’s visibility.


Cinemagraphs captivate the interest of visitors.  There is always something unusual about the subtle motion in an otherwise still image that surprises a visitor. This is always the first step taken to make website visitors stay and notice. Another plus for your marketing budget is that your investment in the creation of cinematographs can be utilized in social media, driving more leads. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Facebook ads with cinemagraphs have a click-rate of more than 60 percent higher than traditional static ads.

Persuader Videos

You must be familiar with explainer videos–they are a significant hallmark of each web startup that exists. But those videos have been evolved to an extent that they have turned into persuasion videos. You have to use real people, make them write reviews and share their real life experiences with your products and services so that they can come out of a dungeon of this tactic. The more authentic video you will produce, the better it will be able to highlight benefits, and features, potentially helping you remove objections and turn your visitor towards conversion.

Exit Overlays that are based on value

The paramount feature of brick and mortar business is that it has an advantage of reading various social cues from the customers. A salesman can easily respond and add a value to an offer if he feels that a customer is about to go away. Exit overlays offer online marketers a strong advantage.

Whether you are able to generate direct leads or sales, you have to keep this in mind that you are not going to score quickly with each web visit. But, you can stop them from leaving website by making a last ditch offer.

No homepage

In the year 2017, the homepage has nothing to do with marketing instead it is linked with landing pages because you can easily depend on certain groups on the basis of demographics, age, location or other metrics.

A perfect landing page is more like a road map for each website visitor. If you are not using landing pages then you need to start using them by creating a stop-shop strategy that gives everything that needs to convert on a single page.


We hope that these trends will help you navigate more about the companies, which are already incorporating these elements in their web development process. This is the reason why people search for Web Development Company California as they implement all these practices in the development process.

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