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Practical benefits of using a disposable phone number



Disposable phone numbers (a.k.a burners) allow you to kill text message spam, protect your privacy, etc., using disposable SIM cards. And in spite of all the buzz about iPhones of various forms factors, lots of consumers still use cheap, disposable phones. People often refer to them as “burner phones” might be an addition to your expensive iPhone.


In our digitalized world, one has to be concerned about her or his privacy. However, disposable phone numbers for verification purposes on various websites might become a good alternative to exposing your personal number to anyone on the internet.

Disposable SMS is a way to increase your safety and security. You won’t be getting unwanted calls or SMS from companies you don’t want to come in contact with.

Criminals in movies use a “burner phone” and it might seem that it’s only their prerogative to use this kind of security that burners offer to its users, meaning to avoid being tracked by the police.

Regular users can evaluate the value of such devices even if they do not intend to hide themselves from law and order. There might be cases when you might not want to use your personal phone number.

For example, when you register on a private advertisement website like Craigslist planning to sell your own products or things you bought that don’t fit you because of the smaller size. When you register on such sites, you allow other people who read your advertisements to call or text you directly. And you may not want to enable it if you want to keep your privacy intact and not mix your private life and business. After completing your transaction, you could simply throw away your burner phone.

Disposable or “burner” phones are an excellent means for the users of dating apps. Why do you need to give your real number to a random person you won’t end up with eventually.

There’s a blocking feature on mobile phones, but other people could use your number and stock you from other numbers and other devices.

People pay for “burners” with cash without the need to leave their personal data whatsoever, and one more thing, mobile carriers won’t be able to track your whereabouts using location settings.

When it comes to the internet, there’s no 100% anonymity; anyway, even “burners” can be located via the mobile network. But you can dump these devices after using them.

Most burner phones are a dummy of a sort used for receiving text messages for verification. You can use them for backup in case your primary device’s battery is used out.

And yes, you won’t be able to use data due to the limitations of burner phones. That’s a visible drawback, but social media like Facebook or Instagram rely on SMS to inform users about the latest updates in text messages.

Disposable phones are not expensive

Compared to the latest devices from Apple, you won’t need to shell out a grand or so for a burner. It’s much cheaper. The newest iOS or Samsung Android devices cost up to 1,000 dollars and buy a burner, and you’ll just need to spend about 20 dollars.

And you won’t need to buy a physical phone or a SIM card when you’ve got a disposable online number.

Temporary disposable phone numbers for receiving SMS online are not expensive; nevertheless, this is an effective measure to protect your privacy online.


These numbers are convenient for online usage. You just use them when you need them, for instance, when signing up for a new online service like social media. After that, you can even forget about your disposable number. Every time your number expires, you can get another one.

Disposable phone numbers guarantee a safe sign-up for online services. When registering on any online website — be it social media, email service, dating apps for newsletters of a sort — you can protect yourself from distracting emails.

When you sign up on a website using a disposable phone number, you won’t have such inconveniences later.

Disposable phone numbers for marketing

Frequently, digital marketers need to sign up a lot of accounts on social media to run multiple ad campaigns. Disposable phone numbers can be used for that purpose and verifying on social media sites and advertising platforms.

Using a virtual sms number you will be able to separate your business transactions from your personal phone. OnlineSIM is the service that makes it possible for private registration on any website, online service, or app. With a little help from this service, you can receive SMS online via a virtual phone number. OnlineSIM offers phone numbers from 30 countries, and the total number of numbers exceeded 10K.

If you need to sign up for another Facebook page:

  1. Register on the OnlineSIM website and go to your account.
  2. Select the country required and then select Facebook.
  3. Copy the number you see on the registration form on Facebook.

After that, you’ll receive a text message with a confirmation code in your account on OnlineSIM. Just copy that code for verification to the registration form on the Facebook website. And your registration is complete.

OnlineSIM is an alternative to using a personal number

OnlineSIM uses its proprietary software and hardware with SIM cards that display phone numbers in your account. After ordering a phone number, your virtual SIM card receives it, and then you can see it in the UI in your account.

Using a virtual phone number, you can register on any social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, any email service (Gmail or Yahoo), or any marketing tool (SEOsprint, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, AdSense, Google Ads, etc.), and other online services like Uber, Gett, Microsoft, or Tinder.

You can buy several numbers, use one for work, one for shopping, sign up for online services, etc.

Disposable phone numbers are available for an unlimited time, and you can receive an unlimited number of SMS messages as long as you pay for services. Nobody else can get access to your virtual disposable number. When buying a disposable phone number on the OnlineSIM website, you get it for a period of time from 10 minutes to an hour. That’s a short-term number rent option. But you can use a long-term one and receive online text messages for an unlimited period.

If you haven’t received an SMS message for whatever reason, you could replace your number with another one. It’s free. You won’t have to buy another number.

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