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Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies



top cloud computing companies

Cloud computing has gained high recognition in the present days. It is spreading like wildfire across the globe and all the niches of our life. It is possible to deliver different types of computing across the web via cloud computing. It can bring immense positive changes in everyday life, for example, IoT could be quite useful for Manufacturing. Only the best cloud computing companies can always be in trends regarding cloud computing.

You do not require going to the office just for grabbing a file. Instead, you can share necessary documents with an individual sitting in the comfortable zone of your home. Thus, businesses are moving at a faster rate to cloud computing. Here is a list of the top 10 cloud computing companies:

1. Google

cloud computing

Google Cloud is recognized to be one of the leading companies in cloud computing. It is a venture of Google for conferring enterprise solutions to different businesses.

Google Cloud Platform assists businesses in building websites and applications, storing and analyzing data on the infrastructure of Google.

Companies are capable of building applications, services, and websites on this specific platform. 

In addition to this, Google has also come with Google Apps for those businesses which are not growing. 

Recently, Google has come up with a patent pledge which will render protection to cloud software and big data developers.

2. Microsoft

Windows Azure and Windows Server are considered to be the among the most popular companies working on cloud computing. They are the foundations of Cloud Operating System which are complemented with the aid of technology solutions such as Visual Studio, System Center and SQL Server. These technologies bestow a consistent platform for apps, data, and infrastructure which will be spanning the Microsoft public cloud, data centers of service providers and data center.

3. Citrix


Citrix is one of the first rated companies cloud computing that stands out of the ordinary in conferring the most advanced and latest open source software platforms for building reliable and scalable cloud computing environments. Citrix is known to confer three different kinds of cloud computing which are inclusive of Hosted Private cloud, Hosted public cloud and On-premise private cloud. In accordance with the Info-Tech Research Group, Citrix Cloud platform has been recognized as the Champion in the landscape of Cloud Management Vendor. Recently, Citrix has come up with CloudPortal™ Business Manager 2.0. It is a cloud services delivery platform which lets service providers and businesses for unifying user management, commerce, operational as well as provisioning aspects of cloud into singular cloud interface for the delivery of any stuff as singular service.

4. Joyent

cloud computing

Joyent is one of the well-renowned companies that offer cloud computing services. With the infrastructure in San Francisco, it confers the only solution for building power real-time mobile and web applications. With the efforts of Xeround and Joyent in a combined way, it is now possible for the customers of Joyent to access cloud services at absolutely free with the aid of zero management MYSQL database. The Xeround relational database is present only for the Cloud Platform of Joyent.

5. CenturyLink


CenturyLink happens to be the 3rd largest telecommunication company in the country of United States. It is considered to be established a leader in conferring cloud hosting services and networking solutions. Century has declared recently that it is rendering 100 Gigabytes per second networking solutions. It will continue to confer supreme quality of IT hosting solutions and cloud infrastructure.With the collaboration with VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace, CenturyLink imparts varieties of application packages to different clients from different hardware and software vendors.

6. Amazon

amazon cloud

Amazon EC2 happens to be one of the top companies working on cloud computing. This Cloud Computing Platform is conferred by AWS or Amazon Web Services that let users for deleting or providing virtual computers. In fact, Amazon counts to be one of the true innovators in Web-based computing that confers access to pay-as-you-go to space of data storage and virtual servers. Amazon has announced AWS CloudHSM recently. AWS CloudHSM is known to be a new service that let customers for enhancing data security as well as accomplish the requirements of compliance with the use of HSM or dedicated Hardware Security Module appliances in the AWS cloud. The CloudHSM service lets customers generate, manage and store cryptographic keys in a secure way for the purpose of data encryption in a way where only customers can access the keys.

7. IBM


IBM Smart Cloud happens to be the public cloud infrastructure of IBM enterprise. It is one of the top cloud computing companies that bestows scalable and secures hosted IT infrastructure along with on-demand access to virtual storage and virtual resources. IBM has announced recently about the global availability of its cloud computing service on five different continents. In addition to this, a new center is opening in Spain on the basis of leading sourcing business of the industry for hosting SAP applications along with different core applications. Clients will be capable of turning cloud computing for different enterprise applications which in turn reduce the whole price of information technology, expansion of online access at the same time and investing social business, innovative analytics, and mobile computing.

8. Salesforce

cloud saleforce

The CRM solution of Salesforce can be classified into the various broad categories which are inclusive of Service Cloud, Collaboration Cloud Sales Cloud, Custom Cloud, Data Cloud. The primary aim of Salesforce is to become the best of companies offering cloud computing which hits $4 billion annual revenue by the year of 2014. It is possible to assume the same from the revenue of 3rd quarter. Salesforce has been recognized among the best companies offering cloud computing that will focus primarily on mobile computing, social media and real time in a singular project.

9. Rackspace


Rackspace happens to be among the companies using cloud computing that delivers enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of different sizes and kinds across the globe since the year of 1998. This company has gained high recognition after serving almost 19,000 customers. These companies are well known for integrating the best technologies of the industry for every specific requirement of the customer and delivering the same as a service with the commitment to fanatical support.

10. Verizon Terremark

verizon cloud

Verizon is one of the cloud computing consulting companies. The infrastructure services of this cloud computing security company have assisted several top enterprises of the world, evolved different business procedures and improving the performance of information technology., This company comes with well-managed service offerings along with the advanced infrastructure that confers the security scale and reliability, required for meeting the demands of different businesses across the globe.

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