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Top 5 Digital Marketing Hacks That You Should Know To Increase Your Leads



Digital marketing professionals spend a lot of time in website optimization activities to increase the ranking of sites, attract new customers, and generate more leads. In fact, your survival in the web-based business depends on the leads generated by you on a daily basis. If you are able to generate a sufficient amount of leads daily, your business progresses smoothly. If you fail here, your survival in the web-based business is endangered by the cut-throat competition. So, what to do to generate more leads? Let’s study and find out.

  • Provide Good-Quality Content to Visitors

Always keep in mind that reading a good article can cause positive emotions in the reader, making him/her more loyal towards your brand. Good content will be shared with friends, which attracts the attention of new visitors. Informative articles often remain in demand even after a long period of time. Good and high-quality content will raise your site in search engine results. Google loves content that has good readability, well-structured text, appropriate audio-video elements.

Therefore, you should know the visitor’s expectation and create content accordingly. Make sure that your content is written in a simple and easy-to-understand language. It should be free from spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors. Effective content marketing will increase the ranking of websites, brings more traffic, and lead generation opportunities.

  • Use Clear Call-To-Action Buttons

Call-to-Action buttons are those buttons that instruct visitors to take definite actions after reading the content, such as buying a premium product, signing up for newsletters, liking/sharing live posts, etc. These buttons have a direct effect on the conversion. If the CTA buttons on your website are invisible, confusing or wrongly placed, the conversion rate will plummet sharply with each passing day.

Therefore, ask the web designer/developer to create concise, clear and easily understandable CTA buttons and place them appropriately on your website. A website with clear CTA buttons can have more user-engagement and its owner may get more opportunities for lead generation.

  • Be Active on Social Media Channels
Social Media Channels Total users (Estimated)
Facebook 1.34 billion
Twitter 330 million
Instagram 800 million
Google Plus 395,250,000
WhatsApp 1.5 billion
YouTube 1.57 billion
LinkedIn 500 million


As shown in the chart, different social media have a large audience. So, if entrepreneurs use them for the promotion of their businesses and brands, it becomes extremely easier for them to market their products and services and create leads in bulk.

So, create the social media pages of your company on all important social networks. Share your website content on those pages on a daily basis and urge visitors to share the content maximum. The more your content is shared, the more visitors and lead generation opportunities you get back to your website. It is very important for you to employ a full-time and a specialist SMO expert to perform social media activities regularly. This will help you to launch social campaigns without any interruption and create more leads through social media channels.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important tool for digital marketing. In this process, SEO experts send personalized newsletters to subscribers, seek their attention and encourage them to buy new products and services. So, if you want to create more leads and generate sales, include Email marketing in your SEO campaigns.

Ask your content developer to provide personalized content for your subscribers. Use those contents to create attractive newsletters. Attach important links to the Email content and make sure your newsletters are good enough to pass the SPAM test of Email service providers. Carefully planned Email marketing campaigns catch the attention of visitors and give entrepreneurs ample chances for the lead generation.

  • Optimize Your Website for Mobile Visitors

These days, websites are accessed through different mobile devices all over the world by a large number of people. It is because individuals have their daily life duties and they don’t want to sit before desktop computers and laptops just to browse websites and gain the required information as it will jeopardize the life.

So, entrepreneurs must have a responsive website and optimize it with a mobile-first approach. Only then Google will rank it in its top search results and mobile visitors will be able to find those websites in top results.

A responsive website often appears on the first page of Google, seeks the attention of the majority of visitors, and bring more business opportunities to their owners compared to a non-responsive website. Ask website designers and developers to make your website responsive to different mobile devices before starting your SEO campaigns. Only then you will be able to beat the heavy competition in the web-based business and create more leads.

Final Remarks

Every entrepreneur who is engaged in the web-based business look for more opportunities to create leads in bulk. By following the above-mentioned tips, they can easily generate more leads and stay ahead of their competitors.

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