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Top 5 Group Messaging Apps

Getting in touch is a main essential of this digital time and it becomes a compulsory part and we cannot survive with it. We have to keep in touch with our friend and families and today we will let you know about the top 5 group messaging apps.

Group Me

Group me is one of the oldest apps by Skype and Microsoft and most of the people who are into group chats are familiar with it. It has multiple features such as sharing multiple pictures at once and we can also share multiple tweets, GIFs and even we create custom images with custom chats. Its interface is very smart and very easy to use.

You just give it a try if you are seeking out group messaging app. It includes location sharing, custom emojis, event support, the option to mute certain conversations, and many more. We can easily access this application on our PC or laptops also.



BBM Messenger

BBM messenger is still the old and leading group messaging app although blackberry has lost its worth its application is still doing wonders on play store and iOS store.

This application also gives you the option to chat on one to one furthermore this app has the option to remove your messages after a specific time and with that, we can share a photo, file, event app and emoji. This app has a private section as well in which every sent, seen or replied message information will be shown.


WhatsApp Messenger


WhatsApp messenger is leading messaging application but for as a group messaging app, the user still demands a lot from it.

We can do multiple chats and share multiple pics, Gifs, and other stuff but we cannot do video or audio chat with multiple people at once.




Tango is the perfect group messaging application because it contains very latest gifs, images, stickers or videos. We can follow people on twitter, our near people or multiple options to connect with people.

The tango application has similar features such as snapshot face filters. In group chats, we can even use these face filters and share with our friends and family.

This app is also very easy to use and it updates on the daily basis so you don’t get any lag or bug.


Facebook Messenger


How can we forget Facebook when we have to connect with our friends or family at the same time? The Facebook messenger is the easiest application to connect with your any Facebook friends. It gives you the option of sharing photos, videos or multiple stuff even it has some mini-games which we can play with our friends also.

We can easily create separate groups and this option is marked on the top side and it lets you share messages, pictures, events, location etc. It also tells us about our mutual interests and the other pages or groups. Now they are going to introduce 3D emoji’s which we can use in the Facebook messenger very soon.

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