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2019 Ultimate Guide on Making Your First Video Website



Your first video website will require research, planning, and a bit of money in order to get it started. While some say it’s difficult, you can easily use a template to speed up the website creation process. We would like to help new website owners by giving them some tips on how to make their first site memorable and appealing to their specific niche.

Everyone who is deciding to make a video website will have to answer the following question.

How Do I Design the Website?

You can either design the website by scratch (We don’t suggest you use ready-made solutions if you are looking for an efficient tool) or by using templates. To make a video website, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Server-based video converter (converts the video files into flash).
  • Web design software (Front page/Dreamweaver for active page development and tools)

Look for a Reliable Host

You need to find an effective hosting platform for your website. You’ll need a hosting plan that holds over 1TB of data (it is a video site after all). This is because it will require a lot of bandwidth limits and disk storage.


  • Enhanced network connectivity: (select a content delivery network i.e. CDN).
  • Reliable storage: (Cloud hosting or SSD)
  • High Bandwidth: (Netflix suggests 25 Mbps, Amazon recommend 15 Mbps, Hulu suggests 13 Mbps)
  • Security: (Domain restriction, Geographical restriction, viewer payment security, Token security, Watermarking)
  • Low jitter: Use ABR streaming due to its adaptive stream rate. This allows it to reduce jitter and make your site run more effectively.

Pros and Cons of Using a Website Builder

You can save yourself a lot of time and money by using a website builder. And you’ll save yourself from the difficulties that occur when people make a website on their own.

Video website builders allow you to create a website via a web-based platform without having to struggle with manual coding. You only need a web browser and an internet connection, and you’re ready to go.


  • The best option for beginners
  • They make a great blogging platform
  • Various eCommerce tools
  • They offer multiple marketing and business tools
  • The template’s tutorials will help you know the creation process
  • They provide appealing design templates for a wide range of industries.


  • Once you’ve selected a template, you can’t change the page without starting over.
  • Visible advertisements are shown on the free plan.
  • The styling options can be overwhelming.
  • You can only make your website from a laptop of a PC.
  • This platform uses only one payment integration system.


When trying to make a video site its best to use a template once you get started. Once your video site grows, you can add custom features and switch to a fully manual site. Continue to produce good videos, improve your video bandwidth quality, and maintain your website, and you’ll find yourself with an amazing video web site.

Do you have any questions about making your video website?

Tell us in the comments below.

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