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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing – What is it and How Does it Work



cloud computing

What is cloud computing

Cloud computing happens to be the delivery of computing services such as servers, databases, storages, software, networking, analytics and much more. Companies that confer the computing services and are known as cloud providers. They charge for cloud computing services in accordance with the usage. The basic cloud computing components are inclusive of several elements like clients, distributed server, and datacenter.

You have to understand that cloud computing does not mean just your “hard drive”. Because storing data on a hard drive is called “local storage”. All you need is as close as possible, that means you can access your data easily and fastly, but for your own computer, or other computers that are on the local network with yours. Using hard drive – that’s how all computer industry works for years. Furthermore, some experts believe that hard drive is still outperforming cloud computing.

Now, we would like to discover the main benefits of cloud computing:

Access to worldwide web

Cloud computing enhances mobility with the access of documents from any device from any part of the globe. For different businesses, it indicates that employees are capable of working from home or during vacation without requiring to carry the documents. This enhances productivity and lets exchange of information at a faster rate. Employees can work on the similar document without requiring to be in the similar place.

Better storage

Gone are the days when memory was limited to a specific device in question. If you are running out of memory, you will require a USB device for taking backup of the current device. Cloud computing confers enhanced storage and thus you do not need to worry about running out of the space on the hard drive.

Easy Set Up

It is possible to set up the cloud computing service within a short span of time. Adjusting the individual settings, selecting a password, choosing which devices you are willing to connect to the network are really free from hassles. Next, to that, you should start to use the software, resources or information immediately.

Automatic Updates

The service provider of cloud computing is responsible for ensuring that the updates can be availed after you have downloaded them. This is beneficial in saving an ample amount of time. Thus, it is not mandatory become an expert for updating the device. The service provider of cloud computing will notify you automatically and conferring instructions.


On-site data centers demand an ample amount of racking as well as stacking, software patching, hardware setup and different IT management courses that consume a lot of time. The best thing about cloud computing is that it reduces the requirement for several of the tasks. Hence, IT teams can invest a lot of time to achieve other goals of the business.


Most of the companies are conferred with self-cloud computing service on demand. Hence, it becomes easy to provide an ample amount of computing resources within a short span of time with the click of a mouse, conferring a lot of flexibility to the businesses.

Global scale

Another reason why companies use cloud computing is due to the capability of scaling in an elastic manner. In cloud computing, the same indicates delivery of a prerequisite amount of IT sources, for instance, less or more computing power, bandwidth, storage when it is required and from the exact geographical location.


The vast cloud computing services are known to run on a network of secure data centers in a secure manner which are updated in a regular way to the latest generation of effective as well as faster computing hardware. This comes with several benefits over a single corporate data center which is inclusive of higher economics for sale, decreased network latency for different applications.

Reduced price

Cloud computing cost at the least cut off from the pocket. You do not require to carry the hassle of installing the software online. There are different cloud computing applications which can be availed at absolutely free of cost which is inclusive of DropBox and enhancing the size of storage and memory. If you require paying for cloud computing service, it is paid on a yearly or monthly basis. By selecting a plan that does not come with a contract, it is possible to terminate the use of services at a specific time. Hence, you will be paying them only when you require them.


Data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery can be done with ease with the aid of cloud computing services owing to which they count too highly reliable.

There are only several companies who use cloud computing and reap the benefits.

What is saas in cloud computing

SaaS or Software as a service refers to a new and alternate procedure to access software in opposition to traditional procedures of access. Gone are the days when the software would be loaded into the device right after the purchase. SaaS refers to a subscription-based model in which the software has hosted the cloud and accessed with the aid of internet. There are several benefits of the SaaS or Software as a Service. Some instances where SaaS are used by business enterprises are inclusive of Tracking of sales, invoicing and accounting, planning, communication, monitoring of performances.

Below I am going to jot down cloud computing what is it and how does it work

How cloud computing works

Cloud computing happens to be the procedure of sharing software, resources, and information with the aid of the network. The information can be stored on physical servers which are maintained as well as controlled with the aid of cloud computing provider. Users can access the information stored in the cloud with the aid of Internet.

Cloud computing takes place when processes and calculations of the computerized system take place in a remote manner. Clients who sign for procuring these services can access them online with the aid of web browsers or specialized computerized programs where different variables are input for a specific task. Powerful and fast remote server firms take care of heavy lifting as well as number crunching.

Enterprise Cloud Computing

Enterprise Cloud Computing is considered to being a computing environment that exists behind the firewall and bestows software infrastructure as well as platform services to a business enterprise. It is also known for delivering Web Services, conferring access to different components which can be combined with ease of creating composite web applications in a rapid manner for meeting the ever changing requirements of the operations of a business. Web services depend on the service-oriented architecture that renders interfaces to software developers leveraging functionality which is present in the existing web applications, that result in the reduction of developmental prices and web application development frame of time.

This article depicts what is the cloud computing, how it works and the different benefits.


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